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If you want to be a writer

The people who say that it is difficult to make a living as a writer may sound like wet blankets but they do have a point. It isn’t easy and you have to be determined as well as talented. BUT if you love writing, whatever you do, DON’T STOP! Writing is a bit like learning to play a musical instrument. The more you practice, the better the music. So take every chance to write. Take a notebook and pencil with you wherever you go and write down those ideas. Use spare minutes that might otherwise be boring to make the ideas into stories. Always read them aloud to yourself – it’s a great way of finding better ways of describing things and spotting mistakes or clumsy sentences.

Sometimes when I’ve forgotten to take my notebook out with me, I’ve had to text myself an idea or phone and leave a message on my own answerphone! People have become used to me carrying notebooks around and often give me beautiful books of blank pages for birthday and Christmas present. It makes them even more special as they remind me of the person who gave them to me.

Writing is often a lonely occupation because it involves spending a lot of time in a world of your own making. Writers often feel out of place in the ‘real world’ while writing and friends sometimes feel excluded or confused by our long spells of silence and distracted behaviour. We also need a lot of encouragement - writing is one of the best things on earth when it is going well but there can be some real lows when they are not. One of the ideas we have for the future is to start a forum on this website for writers who are interested in ecology and the natural world, especially children and those who write for children. We will also post links to competitions and other sources of information. So watch this space…

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Publish Your Work

If you are wondering if we at Green Dragon Publishing can publish your work, please ponder the following questions:

  • Does your writing express a special connection with the natural world or explore the nature of our relationship with the environment?
  • Do you know who you are writing the story for? (I.e. have you thought about the age range of your readers and what sort of backgrounds, interests they might have?)
  • Have you written, rewritten, edited and proof read your work to the absolute best of your ability and are you as proud of it as if you were publishing it yourself?

If the answer to all of these questions is a resounding ‘YES!’ please email us with your synopsis, your first three chapters and your reasons for writing. We can’t promise anything but we will respond.