Green Dragon Publishing

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About Green Dragon Publishing

Green Dragon Publishing is a (very) small business specialising in the publication of fiction linked to ecology, the natural world and our relationship with the creatures who share it.

We’ve noticed that stories of this kind don’t always fit into the conventional landscape of contemporary publishing so we decided to experiment! Let’s be honest, Charcoal and the Christmas Foal is a toe in the water of a huge pond.

So far, feedback from everybody who has seen it has been so positive that we are still smiling. We feel sure this book and the others we have planned for the series will be successful. One thing we know for sure is that we are learning an enormous amount in the process of publishing them.

Badger in The New Forest

Our ambition is to extend this success beyond our own work and publish the work of others with similar beliefs, values and aspirations. We don’t have a big budget to spend so we will have to consider this carefully but we will be happy to share what we know and help where we can.

If you are wondering if we can publish your work, please vist our Want to Write? page